A common mental disorder!

Well as witnessed and explained by lot of people Depression is considered to be a very common mental or mood disorder. This is caused due to consistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. A person undergoing such mental health situation is marked by feelings of low self – confidence, guilt, and also losses all the interest in enjoying the life. To provide more insight on the topic, any person undergoing through this phase of the life has symptoms like loss of proper diet, disruption in sleep or insomnia, depressed self – esteem, inactive or slowness of thought or action, less or no participation in any of the common pleasure taking activities.

Depression is completely a different mind-set from griefor woe which is very common when there is a loss of loved person, pets or any other objects which is very close to the heart. Whatever is the cause of depression it is suggested always to let your doctor know about the same situation. Depression can be categorized into many options few of them are as follows:

Major Depression

You may hear this from your physician if you feel depressed on most of the days. Few common symptoms can be as follows:

  • Instability in the body weight, either you put on too much weight or you tend to loose excessive weight.
  • Shows no or very less interest in any of the life activities.
  • Either there is too much of sleep or there is no sleep at all.
  • Feeling valueless or awkward.
  • And sometimes also has an uninterrupted sensation of ending up the life.
  • Always feeling low in energy.

If your physician observes all the above symptoms or approximate 50% of them on an average for most days for two weeks or longer then a person is said to have major depression. If you are in and around Delhi, Dr. Rajesh Goel is the best psychologist in Delhi, who can help to overcome this situation. He is also recommended by lot of people as he is one who comes up with all positive ways and methods to handle and cure such situation. 

Persistent Depression

If a person undergoes depression that lasts for more than 2 years or longer it is called persistent depression. Few of the very popular signs are as follows:

  • Frequent change in the appetite, which means either a person eats too much or extremely less than the normal diet.
  • Sleeping too much or too little as required by a body.
  • Lack of required energy or tiredness.
  • Low self-esteem or feeling hopeless.
  • Facing trouble in being focused on anything or making any kind of decisions.

The most common treatment is counselling, and you can always opt for consultation with one of the best consultants Dr. Rajesh Goel he is said to provide the best online psychological consultation. His one on one consultation will surely help you heal up through the same state of mind.

Seasonal or affective depression

This type of depression is very common which happens majorly during the winter days as observed very commonly. Because the days are short compared to the nights and there is also scarcity of sunlight. The best remedy is to sit in front of the special bright light tube for approx twenty five- thirty minutes each day to overcome the same state of mind.

Postpartum depression

A very common state of mind through which every lady post giving birth to a child undergoes. A proper consultation meditation and proper sleep can help to overcome the same. Alady may take a months’ time or even more than a month to overcome such state. Having proper and regular consultation is also suggestible during the same phase. You can always opt for online consultation also from Dr. Rajesh Goel , the best online psychological consultant

Premenstrual dysphoric depression (PMDD)

It is very commonly observed in women’s at the start of the period. Besides feeling depressed other symptoms are also visible like mood swings, frustration, apprehension, and change in appetite and sleep both. Anti- depression medication and sometimes meditation can also help in curing the same.

Psychotic Depression

This kind of depression usually occurs when a person is undergoing a stressful situation in his or her life. This means they are facing problem in managing the current situation which can be related to demise of a loved person in family or friends, divorce or even losing the job.There are many psychologists however Dr. Rajesh Goel happens to be the best psychologist in Delhi.  

Bipolar depression

Also known as manic depression, which may consist of mood swings which may vary from extreme of high energy with a high mood to low depressive period of mood. During the low period of time one will have the major symptoms of depression. The doctors usually suggest meditation or a mood stabilizer to overcome the same. 

Atypical depression

It is considered to be an identical activity that describes a pattern of depressive symptoms. A positive environment or any kind of positive function can always help overcome the same situation. Symptoms are like-wise same such as increase in the eating habits, increase in the sleeping duration, being oversensitive to criticism,  

Take Away:

Currently, anyone undergoing the phase of depression takes more time or takes longer time than expected because of lack of proper guidance or consultation. On time consultation and proper guidance can definitely help anyone come out from this state of mind. Dr. Sonia goel is the best counselling therapist for depression. He comes up with a rich knowledge and experience in the same domain. He has bagged good count of patients, through both his online and offline consultation. His one on one sessions are said to be more effective as he let the patient completely relax and convey his or her problem statements, which is definitely very confidential and thus dealt with uttermost care. All his sessions are well recorded so that the person and re-visit the sane if needed.  Anyone from


As per the definition of Depression in psychology, it is considered to be a state of emotional or perceptual illness of mind. It is considered to be a profound feeling of sadness or hopelessness. This condition of mind set can do alteration to an individual’s intellectual, emotional state, and also affect his or her communal deeds and also sense of well-being. It becomes very difficult for others to identify this mental situation or illness as most of the symptoms are related to behavioural changes rather than physical changes.

There can be various causes which lead to Depression such as:

  • Childhood trauma or assault.
  • Loss of loved one or pet animals.
  • Physical health problems.
  • Regular consumption of Alcohol or drugs.
  • Any genetic inheritance issue.
  • Not adequate amount of sleep
  • Less diet, body rest or exercise. 

There can be a specific symptom that defines the state of depression or sadness. Read through the below warning indications to see and understand if it’s time for you or your known person to see a mental health doctor or Psychologist.


    • Helpless or hopeless outlook towards life: It happens to be a very common state of mind wherein a person starts hating himself or herself. And starts making own self responsible for anything and everything that is happening in and around him or her. Consultation can help to improve such health state.  And nowdays the same can also be done online everywhere in the world. Dr.SoniaGoel,is one suchPsychologist in Delhi, which offers all possible ways to help you come out through this mental state. 
    • Loss of Interest:A person who goes through depression will always show no or less interest in everything happening in and around him or her. In any of the activities like family gathering, sports, moving out with friends nothing shows off interest. Counselling can help you in the same.Dr. Sonia Goel , is considered to be the best psychology therapist  for depression.
  • Increasing trend in sleeping problems and also increase in weakness: As you always tend to feel tired so you stop doing things which has positive impact on you and your mind as well. This also increases your sleep time, but there is no rest for the mind as it goes on searching for some unanswered questions this can also lead to anxiety. Because there is always a lack of sound and peaceful sleep. Consultation may help coming out of the situation. You can always approach Dr. Sonia Goelas she does the best psychology counselling for depression.

Depression can be treated if treated on time along with correct guidance and proper medication as well. Few of the most common process followed by the lot of consultants treating the patients going through depression are mentioned below for quick reference:


  • Medication process: Doctors usually provide medication to calm the person first going through the situation. Through minimal medication the primary thing expected is to ensure that the patient has sound sleep, which leads to mental peace. There are various kinds of drugs or medication which can be given however depending on the situation and the health of the person the same is prescribed.
  • Therapy: It is one of the best treatments and adopted by most of the doctors now a days.  Dr. Sonia Goel is considered to be the best therapist and her sessions are also considered to be the best one.  Because there is proper time gap between the sessions and also every session is done with all necessary client requirements.  During her session all the necessary arrangements are primarily done in order to ensure all privacy of the patients.
  • Change in the current lifestyle:  This is also a very common and adopted by most of the psychologist.  In addition with proper medication and regular therapy sessions changing the current lifestyle can also help the situation of the patient. The person should follow a regular and balanced diet, one should also set a proper goal for self improvement. And also eating at regular intervals can help improve the situation.He/ She would definitely improve if proper and balanced formats of all this can help recover fast. And Dr. Sonia Goel is the best psychologist, under the supervision of which results are guaranteed.
  • Meditation: Continuous and regular stress and worries can lead to trigger depression.  However as suggested by many psychologist meditation has proven to bring the change in the reaction to those feelings. Following the meditation process helps in blowing out the negative energies or negative vibes and increases the flow of positive energy in the human body.


Dr. Sonia Goel, is available for discussion both online and offline.  And there are many patients who have shared positive feedbacks regarding her sessions.  You can also visit her website and book the online sessions for the slot booking purpose or for any discussion.  She is also available for offline consultation as well.